dead grotty. (cadaver11) wrote,
dead grotty.

i'm coming out...i want to let it show!

Hey! I haven't written in quite awhile. Well, I've been taken out of my familiar habitat and moved somewhere else (temporarily though). I've been enjoying myself while here but I don't think I would want to move here permanently. I've met quite a few people who have spoken positive things into my life and I've been going to church with my family (honestly, not my cup of tea) but I've been going there every Sunday. I'm planning on going to a Jewish church when I get on my own. Kabbalah sounds cool!
I've started reading again. Never thought I'd be considered a bookworm (again) but lo and behold it has happened. I've gone to the library, thrift store and bookstore and stored up on so many; I feel like a squirrel with a buttload of nuts. I have not only been reading, I've been listening to a lot of music as well. Music is a helpful tool during so many situations -- good or bad.

Peace from the East!!!
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